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Gennady Maslov

About some objects of the Kuiper Belt
Part 1
1998 WH24 and Medicine

The Transneptunian object 1998 WH24, discovered on 19.11.1998, 9h52m09, Kitt Peak, Tucson, USA, belongs to the largest objects of Kuiper belt. Its circulation period is 312 years. At the moment of its discovery it had the zodiac geocentric coordinate 26°34' Tau. (Since 2002 this object has its own name - Chaos. - Note by D.Kutalyov.)

The search of astrological meanings for this object didn't give any results at first. There was a feeling, that WH "avoids" the planets in the charts of famous people. "A hopelessly withered old Indian woman, with a clear light persisting in beady eyes, is selling trinkets". This is the Sabian symbol of the degree, in which WH24 was discovered. But what can this rather abstruse phrase mean?

Gradually some - only some - charts of the famous people, in which WH was more or less accented, started to appear. However, the meaning of these accents was still slipping off. The further course of my reflections was approximately as following: if the objects of the Kuiper belt are somehow connected to the Pluto, then we can admit, that each of them has a separate overtone of almost uncountable meanings of Pluto. But if it is so (if it is, of course, so…), why not search among similar professional groups? Especially, if we have AstroDatabank? (The AstroDatabank is the largest and the most trustworthy astrological computer database, with a huge collection of the checked up or updated bitrhdata of famous people, it also contains the anonymous data of professional groups of people or people united by the same interest. In the latter case the horoscopes simply have index numbers. See below).

The task was the following: to find in the huge quantity of horoscopes such a group of people united by professional interests (or some other group united by a certain common interest or purpose), whose charts would give the evidence that the 1998 WH24 is "fastened" upon luminaries. This “fastening” meant the following factors:

The task formulated like this was crowned with success rather quickly.

It was enough to analyze the charts of physicians from the AstroDatabank.

Some examples:

It is possible to continue, but I will stop here and share the following observation with you: if the noticed regularity is not observed, then the conjunctions of 1998 WH24 either with the MC-IC axis  (the conjunctions with the axis of horizon are practically not noticed), or with Venus usually occur. (Taking into account the frequency of occurrence, such occurrence is on the second place).

It is interesting to note that in the discovery chart of this object we can find the configuration Rahu=Sun/WH24, and the ruler of the chart (of the Ascendant) is Venus…

The fact that both Friedrich Nietzsche and Vincent van Gogh had the exact conjunction of the Moon with WH24 is also very interesting. The first one has the rising Moon, and the chart of the latter has the Moon in 6th House (Placidus). Doctors, medicine, treatment are closely connected with the lives of both. But we can ask another question that would be broader: do the conjunctions of 1998 WH24 with the Moon in the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th Houses of the chart influence the mental health of a person? In B. Yeltsin’s chart 1998 WH24 is in the exact, one-degree opposition with the Neptune. We still remember the last case. It is not difficult to recollect the facts when "health" of Yeltsin was a trump card in the political game and this topic was a subject of gossips, assumptions, and sometimes – barely false insinuations…

In the charts of psychotherapists WH24 is not so strongly accentuated… (Thus we can make a conclusion that “doctor-psychotherapist”- is not an absolutely correct concept in astrological sense). However, in the charts of Z. Freud and C.G. Jung 1998 WH24 is in conjunction with Varuna. “Renowned doctors”? Then why do we find WH in conjunction with Varuna and in the trine to Saturn and the Ascendant in the chart of Alan Leo?

Maybe, a real astrologer is also partly a physician (even a psychotherapist)? In this connection it is interesting to look at the chart of renowned Nostradamus. It is well known that Michel Nostradamus was not only a prophet, but also a famous physician. (In his chart WH24 forms a sextile to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 10th House, a square to Venus and a trine to Uranus. Uranus, the ruler of the 12th House, is located precisely in the Jupiter/WH midpoint.) It is also known that 1537 was the most important year in the prophet’s life.

“When in 1537 the plague broke out in Agen, Nostradamus confidently started to struggle with his old enemy. But having cured many citizens successfully, Nostradamus became helpless in front of the “Black Death” that knocked on the door of his own house. When the treacherous black spots appeared on the fervent faces of his wife and children, he realized that all his medical art was unable to save his dear people.” (John Hogue. Nostradamus – New Revelations. - Moscow: KRON-Press, 1997).

The directions of the Solar arc on 01.07.1537 (the middle of the year) form the following aspects, connected with 1998 WH24:

Comments are, as we say, unnecessary!..

Fig. 1.

In 1544 Michael Nostradamus had to struggle with his terrible, black enemy once again. And he was the winner of this 270-day's fight. Neptunedir formed a trine to the natal WH24. WH24dir was in the natal Sun/Lilith midpoint and formed semisextile to the natal cusp of the 8th House. Rahudir was in the Moon/WH24 midpoint.

In connection with mentioned-above a question arises: can 1998 WH24 be connected not only with the medical practice, but also with epidemics? (Here we leave the frameworks of the natal astrology and interfere in the area of mundane concepts and approaches). I suppose, it can. At least, during 1537, Saturn and Neptune (the traditionally “slow" parameters of epidemiological manifestations) were in quincunx between them and 1998 WH24 formed, accordingly, a square to Saturn and a trine to Neptune.

Quite a different example represents the chart of the English actress Elisabeth Tailor:

Fig. 2

The Sun, Mercury and 1998 WH24 are in exact conjunction in Pisces, in the opposition to Neptune. On the 16th of April 1990 the actress got a diagnosis - complicated pneumonia. The transit WH24 forms a converging opposition with the Moon, which rules over the 8th natal House (orb: 42'). Simultaneously WH forms a square to Jupiter (the ruler of the Ascendant) located in the 8th natal House (orb: 17').

As for mundane charts the following coincidence seems interesting. 1998 WH24 happened to be in exact conjunction with the cusp of the 6th House both in the chart of the USSR (October revolution), and in the chart of Israel formation. The orb of the conjunction is 1 degree. In Israel’s case WH24 is on the top of the T-square, in the base of which lies the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. WH24 is in the Mars/Ascendant midpoint. In case with the USSR WH24 is in conjunction with Uranus, in the Mars/Neptune midpoint, without any good aspects. Does not the 6th mundane House provide evidence of the dominant way of life in the country? (Habits, daily schedule?) And doesn’t WH24 give evidence of a kind of morbidity, of a habitual way to react to the attempts of interference from the outside? I am not even speaking about a rather painful reaction of the world community to any attempts of both the USSR and Tel Aviv to spread its ideology outside of their countries… This reaction resembles the fear of an epidemic. The world for some reason perceives the ideology of these states as “Communist” or “Zionist” infection… Fear of an epidemic? And how many “recipes of treatment” do we have: from homeopathy to guillotine…

Addressing to my personal experience, I’ll tell you the following: I seriously injured my leg when the transit WH24 formed the opposition to Mars, which is situated in the conjunction with Neptune in the natal chart. For the last couple of years the transit WH24 "twists" around my Descendant. All my important partner relations are fastened on illness and health in either event during the last years. Some partners had the aggravation of chronic diseases, others referred to non-traditional methods of diagnosing and treatment, and some of them achieved palpable results in the same kinds of activity…

Does the discovery chart of 1998 WH24 confirm the findings of this article (fig. 1)? It’s a difficult question to answer. At the discovery moment this object was in Taurus, which is connected with a supply of vital forces, and in the 8th House (transformation). It has an exact square with the Nodes, and a trine with Neptune, the ruler of the 6th House . The discovery of WH24 occurred on the First Lunar day, i.e. in the New Moon. (Tradition considers that the New Moon weakens the vital forces of humans). Thereto, WH24 is in the exact opposition with the Sun, and in a 3-degree opposition with the Moon that is going to leave the sign of its fall, Scorpio. Venus is in the 2nd degree of Sagittarius. It comes well enough into the orb of the oppositions with 1998 WH24. Venus rules over the whole chart (Libra is rising, while Venus is in conjunction with Pluto) and - simultaneously – over the 8th House of the chart. If we use “the Formula of illnesses" (S. V. Shestopalov), the quantity of conjunctions 1-6-8, perhaps, would exceed the necessary minimum. To make the picture complete we need only the ruler of the 12th House – Mercury. In this chart Mercury is in narrow square with Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th House (Jupiter is located in the Saturn/Uranus midpoint). The square between Mercury and Jupiter is the Peregrine square. Remarkable American astrologer N. Tyl used this term in relation to non-aspected planet, which he considers as the brightest one able to “control” the whole chart. I relate the Peregrine concept not only to separate planets, but also to non-aspected (not included in the team-work of aspects in the chart) conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc. "The lines" in other words. In our chart the square of Mercury (that rules over the 12th House of the chart) and Jupiter in the 6th represents such an isolated line.

Reinhold Ebertin in his book "The Combination of Stellar Influences" says very often that strong interactions of Mercury and Jupiter are often met in the charts of professional physicians.

The discovery chart of 1998 WH24 has one more quality confirming preliminary idea about connection of WH24 with a medical theme. When Denis Kutalyov was preparing this matter to the publication, he prompted me an interesting idea (for what I express him a sincere gratitude): to estimate a measure of "implication" of thematic asteroids in a chart under consideration.

The result licked all creation:

I shall simply list degrees, not mentioning signs:

The Sun - 26°51';

1998 WH24 - 26°34';

Aesculapia - 26°45';

Rahu - 26°46';

The Moon - 29°20';

Hygiea - 29°22'.

Thereto Asclepius is in conjunction with Pluto, a significator of the 8th House, where WH24 was posited at the moment of discovery.

Taking into account all the facts mentioned above it is possible to make a conclusion that the discovery chart of 1998 WH24 does not contradict the preliminary conclusions which state that the astrological manifestations of WH24 can be connected first and foremost with medicine, medical practice, diagnosing and disease treatment, and as for the mundane charts, with break-outs of epidemics.

At least, the 1980-s (AIDS) are astrologically characterized by the repeated opposition of Pluto in Scorpio and 1998 WH24 in Taurus.

Gennadiy Maslov


Note by Denis Kutalyov: On this evidence it is interesting to look at the chart of the total Lunar Eclipse on March 18, 1345, during which there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius with the participation of Mars. Astrologers of the second half of the 14th century considered this combination “responsible” for the terrible pandemic of bubonic plague. When it came to Europe from the south in 1347, this “Black Death” took away 25-35 million people's lives during several years (i.e. almost one third of the Europe's population). In the horoscope of the eclipse WH24 is situated in 3°37' of Aries, in conjunction with the Sun – more exactly, in two and a half degrees from the axis of the eclipse (6°14') and in five degrees from the axis of the Moon Nodes (8°41'). Exactly in two and a half years after this eclipse, in accurate accordance with the directions, the plague epidemic burst out in Europe. The peak of this epidemic was from the end of 1347 till 1350 (when WH24dir was on the axes of eclipse and Nodes). On the other hand, it is quite typical that in the chart of the eclipse one can see strong Varuna – it happened to be in the centre of “malicious” conjunction Jupiter-Saturn-Mars.

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