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Denis Kutalyov

(sketches for the interpretations of a new planet)

    Astrologers have got used to connect the most distant of known planets, first of all, with negative characteristics. The last planet symbolizes the border of our knowledge about the world, the border with scaring unknown.  This is a planet of death, of fatal transformation, of deep processes which are not controlled by consciousness.

     During many centuries, while Saturn was the most distant of known planets, it was the only planet that was considered a byword of death and largest misfortunes. Then Uranus had been discovered, and this planet - indubitably terrible and dangerous - became the symbol of all phenomena that are inapproachable by human understanding. After that, Neptune was discovered, and astrologers had decided that Uranus actually is not such dangerous and mysterious as the unknown before Neptune...  And Pluto, which was named by astronomers in honor of the Kingdom Come's master, couldn't but become the main fright for astrologers of the twentieth century... Then, certainly, astrologers began to understand: both Saturn and Uranus, both Neptune and Pluto also have positive functions, as does any other planet.  However, the first impression is the strongest one, and consequently astrologers are waiting, first and foremost, for something bad from the from the most remote planets.

     But now astronomers have discovered a whole belt of distant planets in the remote area of the Solar system.  That has risen a question to astrologers: weather all hundreds and thousands of these planets are really related to death and destruction?  And also, does it mean that all planets of that belt carry some common astrological function, or the each single object of the Kuiper Belt has its own individual meaning?

     It is clear for me that the Kuiper Belt as a whole really means for us some kind of boundary of what can be understood, but the abundance of transneptunian planets suggests that there are a multitude of doors to the unknown.  That is, the affairs, which are  boundary, difficult to perceive, poorly controlled by us, cannot be reduced to one single function, and each object of the belt bears to us its own mystery.

     If we accept this approach, it is clear that among the variety of the Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO) there are planets, which should seem to us rather malefic (looks like a large object 1996 TL66, which flies on remote areas of the belt, really can be considered as a "malicious" planet). But there are also objects, which are perceived as rather salutary. And there are many pieces of evidence to make us consider Varuna (the largest planet behind the orbit of Pluto) initially as generally positive, contrary to the tradition.

     Already we have the fact, that the first discovered KBO has been given among astronomers the informal name 'Smiley'.  From this, we can arrive at the idea, that the Kuiper Belt will deceive the expectations of the astrologers.  Rather unexpected name for a new planet of death, eh? And not absolutely suiting for the astrologers - they had already prepared for this (as yet not discovered) planet a variety of rather gloomy values. In the theoretical constructions the farthest planet is connected with global accidents, radioactive contamination, deadly mutations etc.

     And the name 'Varuna' (already official), which was given by astronomers in the spring of the year 2001 to the largest Trans-Plutonian planet 2000 WR106, has appeared opposite to the apocalyptical expectations of astrologers too.  Astrologers aimed to continue a line of Pluto and, so to speak, to go further deep underground (the Russian astrologers, generally, follow the line among themselves, that the planet following to Pluto should be named 'Proserpina', in honor of the goddess of the underground kingdom). But Varuna, on the contrary, has raised us from underground to the heavens. In the mythology of ancient India Varuna was the god of the all-embracing sky, separating the Cosmos from the Chaos and protecting the people from the Evil. According to Vedic texts, his moral greatness and sanctity far surpass all attributed to any other deity.  As we see here, there is not even a hint of the themes of gloom and evil. Certainly, as the keeper of the Supreme Law, Varuna is dour, but as an ideal of the supreme moral, he is faultlessly fair. Well, the admirers of the funeral-underground theme may yet find Proserpina*. But we shall now talk about the planet Varuna.

    Its period of circulation around the Sun is 285 years. To take advantage of the representation of distant planets as the sublime ideas of seven visible planets, Varuna can be considered as the sublime idea of Jupiter.  Varuna relates to such "Jovian" things as praise for oneself and narcissism, wide popularity and, in general, broad expansion of something. It brings forth the egress from usual limits, and in this sense Varuna is related not only with Jupiter, but also with Chiron and Uranus. But unlike Jovian popularity, Varuna represents a more broad and longer glory, promising immortality (or, at least, longevity) in the national memory.

    Another side of Varuna's manifestations also corresponds with Jupiter: that is his connection with the law, justice, equity - however, equity not human, but supreme, law not planetary, but cosmic.

    There is still one side of the manifestations of Varuna, which rather correlates with Uranus and Pluto. It is allied to its role as a boundary planet (the separation of the Cosmos from the Chaos). New matters, before unknown ideas and problems producing global effect, new scopes of knowledge and difficulties connected with reclamation of the unknown - dawns through Varuna. There are several examples from the history.

    The last two examples intimate Varuna's connection with the theme of biology, medicine and health (or, leastwise, a connection of aspects of Varuna-Sun with this theme). Really, I have noticed that a variety of experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology have in their horoscopes the so-called "burnt" Varuna (i.e. in wide conjunction with the Sun).

Varuna is also related to water and air elements. Many circumnavigations etc. began or ended when the Sun was in conjunction with Varuna. Strong Varuna goes into the charts of natural disasters (such as the air hurricanes or the tsunami) rather often. For example:

    Varuna - as the symbol of the borders of our world - is connected with the theme of death (the fans of "astrological horror" can begin to rub their hands), but the death of a special kind: causing large response among populace or happening before the eyes of many people - according to the Russian adage "na miru i smert' krasna" (roughly speaking - "beneath people's eyes even to die is good"). The explosion of "Challenger" in 1986, which was seen by millions of shocked spectators in live program, is a solid example. In the chart for the moment of destruction of this spacecraft, we find an exact opposition of Uranus (21° Sagittarius) and Varuna (21° Gemini). Besides, this aspect was included in the "mystical rectangle" configuration with the participation of centaurs: Hylonome (the planet of lamentations for the dead) in 22° Leo was in the most precise trine to Uranus (with an orb only in a pair of minutes) and, accordingly, in sextile to Varuna. Hylonome was in conjunction with Nessus (16° Leo) - once more centaur connected to deadly torments. And there was Jupiter (25° Aquarius) in opposition to these centaurs.

    Characteristically, this configuration is present in the horoscope of the Chernobyl emergency too - with the difference that here the most exact aspect was from Uranus to Nessus (orb 2'), emphasizing the theme of unexpected poisonings caused by the products of the industry.

    Another example is the murder of president Kennedy. Transiting Pluto on that day was in the exact opposition to natal Varuna. Transiting Varuna was in the exact quincunxes to the natal Ascendant in Libra and transiting Venus, ruler of the 1st and the 8th houses. I remind you, that Mercury in the natal chart of J.F. Kennedy, is the dispositor of the Sun and is situated in the 8th house in conjunction with Mars. Already this would allow us to guess the reason for the president's death. But if we take into account transits of Varuna, the date of death is precisely visible: Kennedy was shot on the absolutely exact conjunction of Varuna with the natal Mercury!

    But these cases are not a sufficient basis to emphasize attention only to the negative side of the manifestations of Varuna. As it was already noticed, the given planet accounts for popularity, the aspiration to shine before the public - and consequently a strong Varuna frequently becomes apparent in the horoscopes of rather popular people, being shown quite positively. Many stars of the movies and show business are indebted for their destiny to this planet. And I notice, that even with hard aspects Varuna can be treated as a "good planet". Let us say, if we compare the horoscopes of the two most famous top models - Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, we shall see the presence of an exact major aspect of Varuna with the Sun in both charts. But in the case of Naomi this is a conjunction, whereas Claudia has Varuna in an exact square to the Sun and the Moon's Nodes.

    Let's draw the preliminary conclusions. It is doubtless, that Varuna is an active, masculine planet. Through Varuna we do not perceive the world, but on the contrary - we aim to make an impression on it. For example, from the horoscopes of the musicians it is seen, that this planet hardly speaks about musical abilities, but indicates a capability to get abroad and the ways of achievement of popularity. Varuna is connected with various social activities, shows, show business, film industry, striking scenes of military battles, sport heats, unique continuous flights and so on. I think it would be interesting to take "The Guiness Book of records" and to see the transits on dates when different records were cracked. I feel, that Varuna would be shown in such charts.

    In general, many characteristics of Varuna can rather adequately be presented as a combination of developments of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. It is quite possible to attribute to Varuna the majority of the descriptions of interaction of these three planets in Ebertin's interpretation (see his "Combinations of stellar influences"): the qualities of the leader, fast use of any situation, "social rushes” (the aspiration to public improvements), pursuing the religious or the philosophical purposes, the achievement of remarkable results", "an unusual aspiration to knowledge and understanding, a strong comprehension of the purpose or tasks of life,a far-seeing creative activity", "the wreck of the old order of things and the construction of a new one", "to put new things in force", but on the other hand "impatience, fanaticism, acts of violence, destructive activity, threat by the weapon, accident".

    For example, let's look at the chart of Adolf Hitler. In his horoscope Varuna takes a very strong position: it is in an exact conjunction with the IC in Aquarius and forms an exact trine to Pluto in the 8th house:

 Imum Coeli = 4°12’ Aquarius
 Varuna = 4°25’ Aquarius
 Pluto = 4°40’ Gemini

   The words mentioned above  - about "the wreck of the old order of things and the construction of a new one", "fanaticism, acts of violence" and "threat by the weapon" - describe the activity of Hitler perfectly. Besides, as Varuna is disposed in the deepest point of his chart, it is confirming, that these aspirations were the basis of Hitler's life position (and were formed on the racial theory). And the trine to Pluto in the 8th house does not require any comments.

    Varuna was also on the IC in the horoscope of another famous character of the German military-political history - Bismark. But in his case Varuna formed an exact square to Mars in the 6th house (that once again illustrates the idea: not each trine is good, not each square is bad).

    Well, the square of Varuna is a very interesting aspect. There is an impression, that in the squares the effect of this planet is the most appreciable - and not always negative. To all appearances, the squares of Varuna in the natal astrology mean a challenge, which cannot be bypassed by the native. It is this way concerning the oppositions too. Hard aspects of Varuna expose a problem in the sphere of the aspected planet, emphasize the necessity of development in its sphere, clearly accentuate this planet, giving the urge to become famous, bring out actively advanced qualities of this planet.

    So, the famous actor and dancer Fred Astaire had in his horoscope a square of Varuna to the Sun in the 5th house - and he showed his creative beginning very brightly. A very exact square of Varuna with the Sun is in the natal chart of Antonio Banderas. An identical square is in the horoscope of the Italian actor and singer Adriano Celentano. Another famous actor, Jeff Bridges, was born with an exact square of Varuna to Jupiter in the 5th house, and he won his way to Hollywood, too. A favorite of the women all over the world, Marlon Brando, has Varuna in the square with Jupiter too, but this time it stands in the 1st house.

     At the time of the opposition of Varuna to the Sun, were born Brigitte Bardot, John Lennon and the famous Russian actor Armen Dzhigarhanian; on the opposition of Varuna to the Moon - Giuzeppe Verdi; on the opposition of Varuna to Jupiter - Frederic Chopin and Arthur Conan Doyle. At the time of the square of Varuna to Jupiter were born the Soviet poet Musa Jalil and the American actor John Cage; at the time of an exact square between Varuna and the Moon's Nodes - Herbert Wells and Alexander Solzhenitsyn

     In the chart of Freddie Mercury there is an opposition of Varuna to Venus and Jupiter together. And in the chart of Tom Waits there is an exact square of Varuna to Venus and Jupiter. We can see a square of Varuna with Venus in charts of such famous people of art as the conductor Herbert von Karajan and the writer Theodor Dreiser. The opposition of Venus and Varuna is present in the horoscope of the famous pianist Ghenrikh Neygauz (Heinrich Neuhaus).

    In the chart of Gennady Khazanov (the most prominent Russian comedian actor) Varuna is in an exact square to Saturn, and this actor tirelessly "lashes the defects of society" (in general, a comic dower frequently astrologically relates to Saturn; it's not so strange as it may appear to the beginning astrologer).

    The hard aspects of Varuna with Mercury or the Sun, or both, quite often occur in the charts of the talented and famous writers (here is enough to name Edgar Poe, Jules Verne, Maksim Gorky, Albert Camus, Stanislav Lem). The natal chart of Honore de Balzac is very indicative too.  In this chart Varuna stands on the cusp of the 3rd house in an exact quincunx to stationary Mercury near the MC.

    But such an unambiguous importance of the hard aspects of Varuna does not mean that the influence of the soft aspects of this planet were ineffectual. By illustration, I offer a small list of Varuna's positions in the natal charts of the celebrities of the theatre and cinema (usually I use an orb with the limit of three degrees), except for those who are already listed above:

    But in the destiny of the film actress Sharon Tate a strong Varuna has played an anything but pleasant role. In the horoscope of Sharon Tate Varuna is in an exact conjunction with Hylonome - in the 10th house near the MC (in Aries). They form a Grand Cross with Jupiter on the Ascendant in the 12th house, Pholus in the 4th house and Chariklo in the 6th house. At the same time Varuna and Hylonome are in sextiles with Venus in the 8th house and with Asbolus on the 12th house cusp. A supplement for astrologers interested in imaginary planets of the Hamburg school: Varuna is in a very exact conjunction with Hades (orb 9 ').

    The Manson family was involved in the killing of the actress on August 9, 1969 - when she was 8 months pregnant. The transiting Varuna was in an exact conjunction with natal Uranus, ruler of Sharon's 8th house. By solar arc directions Varuna had come to the exact sextile with the natal Black Moon. And the Black Moon in the secondary progression on the date of murder has passed over Jupiter on the Ascendant and has formed the exact square with natal Varuna.

Sun (death) ~ 16°34’ Leo
Lilith (Tate) = 16°39’ Cnc
Varuna (Tate, dir.) = 16°42’ Tau

Asbolus (Tate) = 17°29’ Gem
Chariklo (Tate) = 17°57’ Lib
Chariklo (death) = 17°57’ Pis r
Jupiter (Tate) = 18°24’ Cnc
Lilith (Tate, prog.) = 19°36’ Cnc
Varuna (Tate) = 19°49’ Ari
MC (Manson) = 20°09’ Cap
Venus (Tate) = 20°43’ Aqu
ASC (Tate) = 21°27’ Cnc
Pluto (Polanski) = 23°53’ Cnc
Moon (Polanski) = 24°39’ Cnc

Varuna (death) = 0°22’ Gem
'Pylenor' (Manson) = 0°22’ Gem
Uranus (Tate) = 0°40’ Gem
Uranus (death) = 1°10’ Lib

     In Manson's horoscope, Varuna is in 8° Aries (on the MC of Tate's horoscope), in conjunction with Hylonome , and in the exact square with Pholus, too. His axis of Meridian (21° Cancer - Capricorn) coincides with the axis of Sharon's Ascendant.

Varuna (Manson) = 7°55’ Ari
Pholus (Manson) = 7°42’ Cap
Venus (murder) ~ 7°04’ Cnc  (in conjunction with the Moon)
Mars (murder) ~ 7°54’ Sag
Varuna (Polanski) = 8°04’ Ari r
MC (Tate) = 9°03’ Ari

     It is curious that the "malicious" transneptunian object 1996 TL66 in Manson's chart is in the exact conjunction with the Moon and it is exactly upon the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Sharon's chart.

 TL66 (Manson) = 3°20’ Aqu
 Jupiter (death) = 3°36’ Lib
 Mercury (Tate) = 3°45’ Aqu
 Chiron (Polanski) = 3°50’ Gem
 The Moon (Manson) = 4°00’ Aqu
 Sun (Tate) = 4°05’ Aqu
 Moon's Node (Manson) = 4°07’ Aqu

    Roman Polanski, the husband of Sharon Tate, was born 1 1/2 years prior to Manson, but in his horoscope Varuna is in the same place - on the MC of Tate's horoscope. Varuna stands in trine to Mercury (the ruler of the house of the spouse). His ruler of the 8th house (Moon) is in conjunction with Pluto in 24° Cancer, on the ASC of Sharon Tate and on the IC of Manson.

    Thus, the strong Varuna in Sharon Tate's case gave her very positive capabilities (Sharon became a movie star), but thus as much as possible, it has shown also negative characteristics (the death which has shaken a broad public).

    In my archive there is a chart of a young woman who was born on the day of the exact Varuna - Sun conjunction (in the 11th house). She has an active fancy to biology and medicine; that is characteristic of a positive development of the given conjunction. But there was also a rather dramatic episode in her life: at the age of 17, she unexpectedly appeared in a black mass in the role of a victim, and was violated by satanists. It happened when transiting Varuna (11th house) formed an exact opposition to the natal Moon (5th house) - and this opposition was formed precisely on the transiting Nodes of the Moon.

    An example of another kind:  on December 16, 1857, during the New Moon on Varuna, the famous astronomer Barnard was born (his name was given to one of the closest stars to the Solar system). And the same day there was a high-power earthquake in Calabria, which resulted in the loss of more than 10 thousand people.

    Or we can take the case of Gwenn Werden, the glorified dancer. At the age of two she had damaged legs, and in order to strengthen and to develop those legs, she was begun to give dance lessons. That's it - the duality of positive and negative developments of Varuna: if she had had no trauma, Gwenn would not have become a dancer. In her horoscope Varuna is in the first house, two degrees from the Ascendant in Pisces ;-)

    Such multilevel manifestations of Varuna require special researches: it is obvious, that the positive or negative aspects of Varuna do not give the information, whether the given planet will act positively or negatively (as I already demonstrated above, the squares and oppositions of Varuna frequently lead to success and popularity).

    Now I continue a theme of professional success and popularity, and add a small list of positions of Varuna in horoscopes of writers and poets:

    It is very curious, that on January 27, 1891, were born both the writer Ilya Erenburg and the poet Pavel Tychina. They both not only became the men of light and leading in the professional sphere, but also lead a dynamic public activity. Both of them had a long life and they died at the same age – September 16, and August 31, 1967. In their horoscopes we see the conjunction of Varuna with the Sun and an exact trine Varuna-Pluto. One day prior to them, on the still more exact aspects, was born Wilder Penfield (the Canadian neurologist, neurosurgeon, historian of medicine, writer). And 4 years prior to them, on January 21, 1881, was born Wolfgang Kohler, one of the originators of the gestalt psychology. He also has the conjunction of the Sun with Varuna in trine with Pluto in the horoscope, and he also died in 1967.

    But over all the charts of the writers that I have seen, the most high-power aspected Varuna, if anything, is in the horoscope of Jules Verne:

 Jupiter = 13°45’ Sco
 Saturn = 14°27’ Cnc r
 Moon = 14°32’ Sco
 Neptune = 17°04’ Cap
 Varuna = 18°21’ Sco
 Venus = 18°21’ Pis
 Sun = 18°46’ Aqu
 Asbolus = 19°27’ Leo r
 Mercury = 22°43’ Aqu

     Really, in the case of Jules Verne, there are many themes of Varuna that are intertwined together:  the themes of popularity,  interest in natural sciences,  creativity, and the  aspiration to the new knowledge, opening of new horizons. Jules Verne died when transiting Pluto (18°42’ Gemini) on the natal Ascendant made an exact trine with the natal Sun and an exact quincunx with natal Varuna.

    Varuna was almost as strong in aspects at the moment of birth of a Jean-Paul Sartre:

 Jupiter = 24°16’ Tau
 Moon = 25°53’ Aqu
 Mercury = 26°26’ Gem
 Varuna = 26°35’ Aqu r
 Sun = 29°41’ Gem

    In the case of Sartre the innovation of thoughts obviously is no less than in the case of Verne. The theme of marginal conditions, the collision of daily life of the man and his other, true nature, was a major theme for Sartre. As we remember, in the horoscope of the other main representative of the French existentialism, Albert Camus, Varuna is also strong.

    Returning to the theme of interaction between art and show business, I want to note, without a doubt, the role of Varuna in the history of the rock-and-roll and popular music. Let's begin from April 12, 1954, when Varuna was in conjunction with Venus in Aries. On this day, which the historians of the rock name as "the birth of the rock-and-roll", Bill Haley recorded a disc with a song "Rock Around the Clock".

    Further, on May 9, 1962, when the Sun was in the conjunction with Varuna, the recording company Parlophone issued the first record of The Beatles. On the day of the following exact conjunction of Varuna with the Sun (10.05.1963), the recording company Decca  signed the contract with The Rolling Stones. In 1967, again with the conjunction of the Sun and Varuna, Paul McCartney met Linda for the first time, and BBC forbid to broadcast the song "A Day in The Life" by The Beatles because of the hints at the use of drugs in the text. In 1969, during the conjunction of the Sun with Varuna, the group The Who issued "Tommy" - the first rock-opera in the history. In 1977 during this conjunction, there was a scandal with the single of the group Sex Pistols, "God Save the Queen". The song was at once forbidden by the British broadcasting, but nevertheless had taken the first place in the charts of hits (and in some editions there was an empty line instead of the song name).

     If we turn to the natal charts of the popular singers and rock musicians, we shall see how Varuna has chosen angular houses. Varuna of Lennon is on the ASC (in another known version of the chart, on the DSC:)), and in opposition to the Sun. Varuna of Prince is on the DSC. Varuna of Ringo Starr is in the1st house. Varuna of McCartney is in the10th house. Varuna of Presley is in the 4th, Varuna of Alice Cooper in the7th, Varuna of Bob Dylan in the 4th (on the IC), and Varuna of Mick Jagger in the10th house.

    Madonna's Varuna is in a most exact conjunction with Mars in the 9th house in Taurus. Kurt Cobain also was born with Varuna in Taurus in the 9th house. His Varuna was in a very exact opposition to Neptune, in trine with Uranus, in an exact sextile with Chiron and in the hardly less exact sextiles to Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Cobain committed suicide when the transiting South Node of the Moon ingressed in the degree of natal Varuna. Celine Dion also has in the horoscope Varuna in the 9th house in Taurus - in a most exact square with Jupiter and square Pholus, in trine with Uranus and in opposition to Neptune. The exact square Varuna-Jupiter was in the chart of Janis Joplin too. In the chart of Tom Waits, there is an exact square from Varuna to Venus and Jupiter. Jimmie Page is the owner of an exact sextile from Varuna to Saturn and of a square Varuna-Sun, and Ingwie Malmsteen has an exact square from Varuna to Saturn.

    Trent Reznor has a conjunction of Varuna with the Sun in his horoscope, Marilyn Manson has an exact opposition of Varuna to Neptune, Ricky Martin has an exact Grand Trine with Venus and Pluto in the air signs, Jon Bon Jovi has an exact square from Varuna to the Moon's Nodes. Axel Rose has not only a square from Varuna to the Nodes, but also a square with the Sun. Freddie Mercury, as was already mentioned, was born with an opposition from Varuna to Venus and Jupiter. Jean-Michel Jarre has a trine from Varuna to the Sun, and Andrew Lloyd-Webber an exact trine from Varuna to Jupiter.

    I emphasize, that we are talking about the popular music in the most general meaning. So, accentuated Varuna was in the horoscope of the popular rapper Tupac Shakur:  in opposition to Neptune, in conjunction with Venus, in the exact square with Pholus. In the natal chart of Andrey Razin (the creator of the pop-group "Laskovy May", very popular in the end of the 1980's in Russia) the sole exact aspect of the Sun is a trine with Varuna. The very popular opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya has a conjunction of Varuna and Uranus, trine Saturn, and the great opera singer of the past Enrico Caruso had Varuna on the DSC, in an exact square with Chiron in the 10th house and in sextile to Mars in the 5th. The American composer John Cage had Varuna on the DSC in Pisces, at the top of the T-square with Jupiter in the 4th house and Saturn on the MC. And Ferenc Liszt, who travelled in the 19th century with the performances in nearly all the Europe, had an exact conjunction of Varuna with the Sun in the 3rd house.

    It is interesting, that in the charts of Cher and John Travolta (who have achieved popularity both in the music, and in the cinema), Varuna is the sole planet in the10th house. And in the chart of Lisa Minelli, in the10th house there is only Pholus - in a most exact square with Varuna.

    In conclusion of the article, there are some interesting dates and information about the charts of the celebrities:

     Varuna in the horoscopes of politicians:

 Some inventors, scientists and philosophers:

 Other celebrities:


    As I finish these lines, Varuna (in the 9th degree of Cancer) conjuncts the North Node of the Moon (11th degree of Cancer), in exact aspects to Jupiter and Neptune. Eh, it is symbolical? I do not speak any more, that my natal Saturn is exactly in the 9th degree of Cancer, and my Mercury - in the 11th degree... ;-)

* May be, the name "Proserpina" suits better to newly discovered object 2001 KX76, which moves in the orbit, very similar to Pluto's one. KX76 is even more brighter than Varuna. But the small planet Proserpina already exists, so this name can't be given to any more asteroid (1.08.2001).

4.04.2001, 7:00,
Sergiev Posad,

Translated by Outi Parhi and author.

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